# Web Socket

ExpressWebJS offers a robust WebSocket Provider to serve real-time apps.

The server works on pure WebSocket connections (supported by all major browsers) and scales naturally within a cluster of Node.js processes.

# Basic Example

Let’s build a single room chat server for user messaging.

expresswebcli make-ws-controller chatController

This will generate our chatController class inside App/Http/Controller/Ws Our chatController class looks like this:

  "use strict";
    const WsBaseController = require("@WsBaseController");

    class chatController extends WsBaseController {
    constructor(socket) {
	    this.socket = socket;
    onMessage(data) {
        // same as: socket.on('message')
    this.socket.emit("message", data);
    close() {
        // same as: socket.on('close')
    onError() {
        // same as: socket.on('error')

    module.exports = chatController;